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Connecting with Anxiety via Text Messages

Daisuke TSUJI

in   The Bulletin of Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University, Vol.37-No.2, 2006, pp.43-52

   Nakamura (2003) found a correlation between the use of text messages and the anxiety of loneliness. This paper reexamines and develops Nakamura's findings. Questionnaire surveys of university students were conducted in 2004 and 2005, and the results confirm a positive correlation between frequencies of using text messages and anxiety of loneliness. Furthermore it is suggested that there is a spiral process in which usage of text messages and anxiety of loneliness amplify each other. Miyadai (2005) regards such a process as a "vicious" spiral caused by interpersonal distrust. However, reanalysis of national survey data in 2003 shows that general trust correlates positively with anxiety of loneliness. According to the theory of general trust proposed by Yamagishi (1998) this correlation means that greater social mobility enhances both sensitivity and anxiety about interpersonal relationships.

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